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  • Masa has been vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Both practitioners and patients are required to wear masks.
  • Both practitioners and patients are required to check their body temperatures upon entering the office.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided for patients in the common area.
  • To avoid the congregation in the common area, patients will be escorted directly to the treatment room. Please be on time.
  • Practitioners wash their hands before, after, and in the middle of each treatment.
  • Practitioners use hand sanitizers before contacting patients.
  • Disinfect the surface of the massage table, head cradle, chairs, door handles, infrared lamp, other contacted surfaces after each patient.
  • Change the disposable pillowcases after each patient.
  • Change every towel and sheet if used after each patient.
  • HEPA filtered air purifier is used in the treatment room.
  • Wet & dry mop the floor in the treatment room daily.


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