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Growing up in Taiwan, Dr. Tan began learning at a very early age the philosophies and healing practices that are part of what is often called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As a young adult, he further nourished this traditional knowledge by reading ancient Chinese texts on medicine, in addition to his education in engineering and traditional medicine sciences.

Western interest in acupuncture – a traditional medicine that has evolved over the past 2,000 years – was just beginning to take off when Dr. Tan arrived in the US to pursue a PhD in engineering. Despite the growing global recognition for acupuncture’s benefits, Dr. Tan saw that the results of modern practice weren’t as effective as what had been documented in historical texts or what he had observed in practice as a young man in Taiwan.

After a pole is placed under the sun, a shadow should immediately appear, say several of the ancient texts on acupuncture. The effects of stimulating acupuncture points should be immediate yet only a handful of modern masters had achieved such results after decades of practice. Similar effects were not possible for most practitioners, who were often copying patterns of acupuncture points without a real understanding of what worked and why.

Dr. Richard Tan & Masa Adachi

Certain that anybody could regularly see immediate effects if, given the right framework, Dr. Tan set out to develop a modern basis for learning and understanding how acupuncture works. His years of research have resulted in the Balance Method, a new way of analyzing the networks of the human body’s energy channels.

The results speak for themselves: instant clinical efficacy has become the hallmark of the Balance

But the reach of the Balance Method extends far beyond Dr. Tan’s own clinic, thanks to his willingness to share his knowledge with others through his seminars and books. He is the visiting professor teaching in the Ph.D. programs of colleges like the Five Branches University and also accepts invitations teaching in numerous conferences and schools. Thousands of health practitioners around the world have successfully incorporated the Balance Method into their own practice and – because of the intuitive logic that makes the method so easy to learn – they have also seen clinical success rates similar to Dr. Tan’s.




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